Question Problem with Sound Manager - Sonic Studio 3


Oct 1, 2017
Problem is on my Windows 10 laptop, an Asus ROG Strix GL703V

Hello, I'm having a problem with Sonic Studio 3. I can open it and adjust stuffs in it normally, but none of the settings from Sonic Studio 3 will actually apply to my laptop at all. Especially, the equalizer function, which is the function I want to use the most, will not work (I use the equalizer function to boost up the volume of the laptop, laptop is too quiet for my taste). The sound and volume of the laptop aren't changing one bit.

The Sonic Studio 3 and its functions worked fine when I got the laptop almost 2 years ago. However, after I reinstalled the windows and its software last month. Sonic Studio 3 will not apply its settings to the laptop anymore. (I already tried reinstall Sonic Studio 3 multiple times. I tried install variety of sound drivers I can find too but no help...)

Anyone has any idea what's wrong here? To be honest, I just need some kind of software to boost up the max volume of the laptop, like how I can do it by increasing the equalizer from Sonic Studio 3 before. I open for suggestions for such software, thank you!