Question Problem with system stability and graphics

Sep 5, 2020
SLet me first apologise for how vague these details will be. I am so confused by what the issue actually is I can only tell you what has happened.

So, I have
Asus Maximus VIII Hero Mobo
an i5-6600k (oc'd using AI suite)
16GB of 3000mhz ram (sorry ive forgotten the brand)

So ive ran this rig a good few year, its served me well, no issues, did everything i wanted it to.

I moved last year, being SUPER careful with handling the tower. When i got to my new home and set-up. No signal output.
I reseated the GPU and RAM.
Changed PCI slot
reset bios
Weirder still is that my monitors would make an electronic hissing sound intermittently. I got the impression they were getting a signal but then it was dropping but thats a guess.

If i watied long enough (sometimes upto an hour) they would come to life and everything seemed fine. But then playing a youtube video the whole system would freak out. The video would artifact, the audio kinda made the entering the matrix sound and eventually i would either blue screen or just freeze (no idea what the blue screen error was, sorry).

So i left it alone for months, knowing i cant afford to fix it or get replacement parts to test if its just the gpu or w.e

I come back to it in lockdown.
Randomly just try it plugged into my TV and it boots, no issues. I try my monitors again and the no signal issue returns.

Still got that weird system lag (?) when even playing video though.

I clean installed windows, used a new monitor and all seemed well. it seemed to be back to normal. I even re-oc'd it.

If i turn on the pc, go straight into not very instensive game (Smite) it'll run fine. 1440p, 150fps. After an hour it'll dip to 120. Another maybe 100. Then randomly, the ping ingame will go from 120 to 300. Internet tests are fine. A restart solves the issue. But i only get an hour or so play time before games are unplayable.

Stranger is that if i play a AAA game. even an old one (Dishonhoured) within 30 minutes. 15-30fps. Weird audio (seriously all i can think to describe it is when they pick up the phone in the matrix) and eventually a crash.

I googled a bit. I've reinstalled my nvidia drivers. When im lucky enough to get task manager to load just ebfore it dies. the CPU is at 100% with system interupts filling like 60-70% usage.
but then it just sorta vanishes before i can even guess at the cause.

Sorry this is long, sorry i have no idea what info is helpful. Please help :(
I dont think its a cooling thing, the fans never seem to even ramp up unless i actively set them high hoping it'll help (it doesnt)

TL;DR: Moved house, pc showed no signal, i now have a signal (though dont know why) but system is unstable when playing games, get system interrupts in task manager randomly.


In the picture OCCT-Screenshot-20200905-180225.png, the VCORE seem to have different max/min values. Can you check the bios to see if automatic voltage regulation is activated. If it is activated, then deactivate and re-run OCCT - just to verify the voltages.

disclaimer : I cannot find any source that can shed light on that voltage difference can be expected on that motherboard.


Well, I don't have that mobo myself so unfortunately I cannot guide you through the bios like that, but there are plenty of youtube videos that cover your motherboard model, so you can invest some time looking into this and see if someone covers the bios settings.