Question Problem with the memory controller in the CPU?

Oct 6, 2019
Hello, one day I understand more than 8 GB of RAM to upgrade and when it is placed on my 16 GB aware PC or POST, an 8 GB aware BIOS, or 16 but 8 GB hardware reserved window recognition and a 16 GB dual channel CPU-Z, something is related to the case where you turn on some of the memories in the second slot or PC will not boot, my town tech help and I failed that the problem was a mobo, I changed a mobo and the problem persisted, then I remembered that one fine day when I was doing a thermal noodle swap for better quality and accidentally broke a CPU pin; -; and I saw people commenting in some forums that the problem could be broken or accumulated. but usually these were intel and mine is AMD '-'. My processor is the R5 2600. Broken pin: