Problem with the PSU or with the GPU?

Feb 9, 2019
Hi there, Im new to this forums, so first of all I wanted to introduce myself and thank you all in advance, My name is Alejandro, I have 25 yrs old and Im from Argentina I hope you can help me pinpoint whats going on...

Im going to let my spec here before I started this long journey..
CPU: I5 760 (Frist gen not to confuse with 7600k)
Stock Cooling. (No OC)
GPU: R7 370 Sapphire
Ram: Kingstone Hyper Fury DDR3 4GBx2 (8GB total)
DSC: Creative Audigy SE
SSD: Kingston A400 240GB
HDD: Western Digital blue 1TB 7200rpm
Windows 10 Up to date.
Where to begin with, not a long time ago my original PSU died, so I buy a new one (A cheap one, cause I don't have a lot of money now) It is a LNZ 650W sx (I hear its a Sentey second mark)
When I open the PSU box for the first time I've notice an awful smell (similar to the smell my original PSU made when it died) Which was obviously odd, cause the box was sealed and the PSU was brand new, So, I've ignore it and install it anyway...
I've use it and worked "fine" like from 2 months, until one day, trying to open Xcom 2 (I had more than 20+ hrs played at that point with the same psu) the computer shutdown almost right away in the game menu...
When I started again the motherboard start making some beeping warning I've never heard before (I've heard the ram warning once, but it wasn't like this) and then on my screen a sign show's saying "Warning CPU Thermal Trip" I panicked, but the computer startup OK, I downloaded Realtemp to monitor my temperatures (They looked OK, 50ºC on idle they reach 70º while trying to open the game after shutting down at the menu, which of course its not that much neither...)
I decided to buy a new thermal paste anyway, since the temps don't look too bad for me (misleading by that thermal trip warning) I went down and clean up the old paste, applied the new one, turned the PC on, checked the temperatures they dropped like to 30ºC on Idle, but "Oh surprise" when trying to load Xcom2 or any other game the computer would still shutdown (Even when Realtemp won't show temperatures higher than 60-65ºC).
Thats when I started wondering if was anything else (a faulty motherboard, a faulty CPU, Software issue, config issue, AMD drivers, RAM, etc...)

I've manage to narrow down the list to the GPU or the PSU...
-I format the disks and performed a cleanup install of Windows, the problem persist
-Tried all vs new AMD drivers.
-Started disconnecting non essential components from the computer (the Audigy Card, the HDD,etc.)
-Tried RAM's in different configurations (Socket), Tried one RAM instead of Two, Tried a different pair of RAMS (Since I have another computer)
-Disconnected all case fans.
-Reset BIOS to default.
-Clean up the GPU, RAM and Audigy contacts.
-I double check the CPU fan/thermal paste.

And most important, and this is what gave me kind of a "final conclusion"
I've tried the PSU and GPU on my other computer, and as soon as I set graphics of a game on high or something the secondary computer restarts itself (Maybe cause its not set to stay off like mine).

What I sadly can't do:

-Try the GPU with another PSU (Since my secondary computer uses an APU A107860 which doesn't need much power and therefore that PSU don't even have a 6 pin GPU connector)

-Try a different GPU with the same PSU since as I say I have an APU on the other computer not a dedicated graphics card.

So after reading all this, what's your opinion? I've sincerely bet on the PSU not just because the problems started after I've change it, but because of the smell that had when I pulled out of the box... (Unless of course my old PSU took the GPU with him when he died).
Anyway, thank you all for your time and I read your comments :)
Feb 9, 2019

I know, and Im really hoping it is just that, cause its the simplest thing to replace, Im waiting to hear back from the seller (Cause its still on warranty and they told me this PSU would work well with my system, so, they should take responsibility on this) maybe I can get them to give me something better by adding the $$$ difference of the PSU to buy a better one...
What do you think of this one?
Gigabyte 650w 80p Bronze P650B
And although its still a bit cheap, It certified at least and a known branding...

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