Question Problem with the smoothness of the camera in games. What is this effect? How to fix it?

Jan 31, 2023
I have a problem with video output. Games are too sharp and blurred when the camera turns, I have no idea why, but it hurts my eyes just not sarcastically. With a static picture, everything seems to be fine. I have already addressed this question, this time I am attaching gameplay videos recorded from a PC. Look how everything is rippling around, there is no smoothness when the camera turns, the eyes get tired. Whether everything is shaking, or blurring, or something else, I don't even know what to call this effect, help! In the game, of course, all blurring is disabled. It's not about the monitor, because it's visible even on the recording from the PC. Drivers are updated/reinstalled, Windows is less than a week old, bios is updated, nvidia panel is all in default, only the fps lock is on and that's it! The mouse frequency is 1000 Hz. The systems and videos with the problem are below.

CPU: i5 11400f
Motherboard: msi mag b560m bazooka
Ram: 32 gb cl 16
SSD/HDD: 1) smasung sata 2) kingston m2
GPU: rtx 3060
hmm, I don't know what is meant by too smooth than too sharp. You may not like motion blur or just want a higher-resolution image. In some games, motion blur property is broken and that would be my guess.