Question problem with usb ports - mouse goes crazy.

Dec 5, 2019
hey , i just build my first pc . In bios i see everything connected and running and it all looks smooth, but i still havent installed windows and stuff because i've encountered some problems with my usb ports while i am in the bios. specifically when i am connecting my wireless mouse and keyboard to the front panel usb ports and the usb ports in the back , most of the times the cursor goes mental and jumps off screen or doesnt move at all, and the keyboard when i use the arrows just gets stuck and goes through every option on the bios menu , until i unplug the usb stick. ( btw both mouse and keyboard work perfectly fine when connected to my laptop) , i dont know what the problem is and if it is mine ( in case i did something wrong) or if the parts are malfunctioning.


Update your post to include full pc build specs and OS information.

Did you try new batteries in the keyboard and mouse? Batteries other than those that may have been included with keyboard and mouse.

Make and model mouse? Make and model keyboard?

Do you have any other keyboards or mice to try on your pc. USB connections or otherwise....

Open the case and doublecheck all connectors, card seatings, jumpers, and RAM. Ensure that all are correctly, fully, and firmly in place.