Question Problem with VGA to HDMI converter

Feb 17, 2021
I have a Samsung P2350N 23" and a Radeon rx 550 aero itx 4g oc. I have a VGA to HDMI converter to my pc. Since 3 months ago the converter on my PS4 started to give me problems, the screen blinked and now its all black. Yesterday, on my pc started to do that and now I cannot use the graphic card I have to plug it on the VGA of the motherboard (without the converter). I ran some tests to see what is the problem: The VGA cable and the montor aren't beacuse they work on the motherboard, I tried the converter on a laptop and it worked and then I tried the graphic card with a HDMI on a TV and with the converter in another TV and all they worked. So I don't know why only using my graphic card on my monitor it doesn't work.
if you have absolutely verified that the GPU and it's HDMI port are not the problem;
i would just ditch that dinosaur of a display and get something modern that can utilize the GPU's HDMI, or even better it's Display Port.
nice 24-27" 1080p monitors have gotten insanely cheap these days.