Problem with video on a HPE 410f


Sep 24, 2011
Refurbished computer. Got it from Didn't plug it in and its about 12 days past warranty (90day warranty).


Ok problem is:

Plugged it into 2 different monitors 4 different ways. On-Board VGA and DVI and Video card HDMI and DVI into a 52" TV and a 20" Computer monitor. When i start the computer I get absolutely nothing on the monitor. Unplugged the Graphic card and still didn't work. Any Ideas.

If i can get a screen i can do the rest but i cannot get a screen.
Oh, 12 days past warranty. I though it was 12 days had pass since you bought it within the 90 days warranty period sorry. You have done all that could be done. If on board video does not work with the 20" monitor connected with VGA, then I am out of idea as well, maybe bad mobo.