Question Problem with WINDOWS 10 Boot up (New M.2 SSD)

Jan 27, 2020
Here are my specs (In case that's important.)
Motherboard: Asus Prime Z390A
OS drive: SAMSUNG EVO M.2 500GB
Old drive: Samsung evo 250 GB SSD (Non M.2)
(If you need anymore specs just ask below)

So I recently upgraded my storage to a SAMSUNG EVO 500 GB M.2 SSD. Before I was running windows on a SAMSUNG 250 GB regular SSD. I formatted all of my harddrives through the windows installation process. I then reinstalled windows 10 to my M.2.

When I boot up my computer, it says something about the windows installation being corrupt. Now in order to boot to my working windows 10 installation. I have to press ESC from the "Corrupt windows" screen which will automatically restart my computer and automatically take me to my BIOS. From there I just press "Save and Exit" and it brings me to a screen which lets me pick from 2 Windows Volumes. Volume 8, and Volume 12. If I pick volume 8 it takes me back to the Windows corrupt screen. If I pick Volume 12, it boots me into my regular windows 10 installation on the M.2. So I know that the M.2 is working.

In the BIOS it still reads the old SSD as the default windows boot drive. My M.2 doesn't even show up as a Bootable drive. If I unplug the old SSD then boot up my PC, it goes straight to the BIOS and doesn't give me the option to boot from my M.2. Even tho that's where my windows is installed.

I have seen on forums telling me I need to enable the M.2 PCIE slot, or whatever but I couldn't find anywhere to do that in the BIOS.

I do have that work around to get into my working OS, where I boot up, from the corrupt screen press ESC to take me to the BIOS, then save and exit. But It's just annoying that I have to deal with that everytime I turn on my PC.

If anyone could help me figure out what is up, or know a fix, that would be great thanks.