Question Problem with Windows 10 tasks/apps running jittery and slower than it should on a 1440p Monitor


Oct 31, 2019
I've had this Asus Scar ii 2070 laptop for about 7 months. Its been a real hassle to use and get working correctly from the beginning with 3 different motherboards and other parts replaced via RMA three times since February. Including display ports being replaced. My main issue now that I've worked out most of the issues beforehand is software-based I believe.

Basically, I'm running my main monitor via display port to my 1440p 144hz monitor with g-sync. The last big Windows update about 3 months ago slowed down windows apps. scrolling on any web browser, clicking the windows icon is laggy and jittery when it pops up, closing and opening programs will jitter when they open, and dragging windows in a fast motion will cause the window to jitter around instead of being as smooth as the refresh rate. Didn't used to get this problem. I've reset the device to factory settings at least 2-4 times in different ways, nothing seems to work.
If I'm not explaining it correctly its because it's hard to explain exactly what's happening. I could make a small video I suppose. I've done all the driver checks, bios updates and of course Nvidia clean install of the newest drivers. None of these things do a thing regarding these issues. I have heard that other people have these issues that come and go (which is sort of my case) and really there's no fix in windows 10.

BTW, Video games are not affected by this jittery windows stuff.

Although, using windows video player will sometimes jitter on an HQ video if you present the pause/play menu by moving the mouse while a video is playing. Not a big deal.

Any help would be great. I really would not want to reset the device for the 99th time. Try another cable?