Question Problem with Windows sound test vs. Sound Blaster Z control panel test - I think one of my Logitech Z506 speakers is toast ?


Sep 5, 2015
I have a Logitech Z506 speaker system that I bought from Walmart in the December of 2018(19?) and I purchased a Sound Blaster Z about a year later. Both have been working great all this time, but lately I'm noticing that when I use the sound test in Windows (sometimes the OS disables sound when I put my computer to sleep when I don't hear any sound at all). I can hear sound coming out of every speaker. But when I use the Soundblaster Z control panel to test the sound, I hear no sound coming out of the RF speaker. What gives? Is Windows just a basic sound test and something would really need to be wrong with the speaker for it not to produce sound or do I need to replace the affected speaker? All wires are connected securely (otherwise I wouldn't be hearing any sound at all ;) )