Problem with Wireless LAN


May 25, 2012

Firstly I wanna notice that english is not my native language, sorry for my mistakes.

Before 2 - 3 days I bought a PC with wireless lan (RP-WP5122E WL-N PCI-E ADAPTER). I have and laptop, too. My router is Linksys WRT160NL. The laptop have a wireless card with G standart. On speed test makes 14 - 17 Mbps download, which is normal. When I try to download something on my PC maximum speed is 400 - 600 kbps, on speed test is 2 - 4 Mbps. When I connect my PC with cable to my router speed was 10MB/s (80 - 85 Mbps). I try to change channels on wireless network, but there is no change. I downloaded the latest drivers for this WLAN, but the speed is the same. I change the slot on the mainboard and to flash the firmware on my router, but there is no change. I'm a out of a ideas!

Please help.

Best regards from Bulgaria :p

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