Question Problems after new GPU

May 7, 2019
Hi Guys,

First time poster so hopefully I ask the right questions in the right forum - This could go in Coolers or GPU or just problems..

The story so far...

I have a PC that I use quite regularly and up until now the spec was -

Fatality z68 Motherboard
16gb DDR3 Corsair Vengeance Ram
i5 2500k
2x 660Ti in SLI
Corsair Hydro H100i v2 CPU water Cooler

along with the other bits SSD etc.

I fancied updating the graphics card and got hold of a ROG 1060 6GB Strix at a cracking price to replace the ageing 660s. It all went in fine booted up as normal but then a problem.

Even though the CPU usage would not go above 20% within minutes the temperature was showing at 92c for the CPU and the fan to the radiator for the water cooler was going crazy - The temp before never really went above 40c at full whack. I thought perhaps it was a loose connection when I swapped the GPU out so checked everything, reseated the CPU with new Arctic MX-2 paste but still on boot it went straight up to 80c then progressed up to 92c. Nothing felt warm to the touch and it didn't shut down.

I got a bit annoyed to say the least thinking this should've been an easy quick job so decided to swap the 1060 out and put in a 780 I had but had never been in this PC before. Exactly the same thing happened again! Strange.

I then put the 1060 back in , ook the Corsair off and put on a BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 3 to try filter out the problem a and the temps are running steadily as I type this at 21c and when I stress tested it briefly and then Fallout 4 on in Ultra with HD mods ran around a bit it never went above 40c.

I guess my question is - Does anyone know why there is a seeming conflict with the GPU and Cooler? Or have I fried the cooler somehow? (It is under warranty I think? Unless installing it makes the warranty void - I would need to check) The PC was working fine all day logged in remotely from work with the Corsair water cooler before I swapped out the GPU. I'm three hours or so of my life down the pan and none the wiser.

Thanks for any suggestions they are greatly appreciated.
May 7, 2019
AIO has died a death
Pump has failed
Good luck getting anything out of Corsair, they are a pain.
Yeah I thought that. What would've caused it do you think? Just in case I ever do the same procedure again I wouldn't wan't to make the same mistake again.
Thanks for the speedy reply