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Question problems after re-installing mozilla thunderbird


Jul 3, 2016
I re-installed thunderbird on widows 10 after an update for it made odd things happen. The new install is working but i cant remember how to do certain things.

1. when thunderbird opens it shows a page THUNDERBIRD MAIL LOCAL FOLDER and below the banner there are a list of options , it shows this just before the main interface , is it possible to stop this from being shown.

2. I don't have the events and tasks panel activated but an oblong box opens and closes where it would be ???

3. As you know their is a horizontal line across the screen that some people task pain , I don't want to see all the technical data that comes with an email so I dragged the line to the bottom of the screen but when i open thunderbird a list if incoming emails comes in a separate box next to the taskbar and almost fills the screen because it also shows the technical data that I have tried to hide , before i re-installed the program it did not show this data but again I cant remember how to stop it showing. I did try F8 but it did not seem to do anything.