Question Problems after upgrading to a better GPU

Nov 4, 2020

I recently upgraded to the 3060ti, did the DDU and everything so I assumed everything went fine. Though I havent seen much improvement yet, games do run a bit better fps ( 10-25 fps high / 10-20 fps on very high ) wise but one would assume I could run 144fps on fps games and rpg's. And ever since installing the gpu, some of my coding apps, discord and games either failed to start / froze or didnt respond at all. And lastly, Im not that experienced with pc's, but my gpu has been running on 48% ~ 57% +- constantly when playing games. So I've come to ask, what 'could' the issue be?

Build ;

  • Ryzen 5600x
  • 3060ti ( upgraded from the 1660 super )
  • 16gb ram
  • TX650M
  • Aorus x570 elite motherboard
If you could give me some advice, I would really appreciate it!


May 20, 2017
Keep in mind that frame rate also depends on the CPU feeding data to the GPU. I once used an AMD 3600x, and did so for many years. Over that time it started with something really old, e.g., I think it was an 800 series NVIDIA GPU. Upgraded that GPU to a 1060, then a Titan Xp. Some games benefited from this, but others had almost no difference. Star Citizen is a big example of not having any frame rate improvement because the CPU itself must improve or it can't feed the video card. Later on I ended up going all the way to Titan RTX, and still no frame rate improvement. A friend who had a similar CPU ended up upgrading the CPU to a 5950, which is way faster, and using his older 1080 card his frame rate shot way up in Star Citizen. Other games which are well optimized always hit 165 fps (which is what the monitor can handle) even with the older CPU. I'll suggest that this is a CPU bottlenecking the GPU.
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