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Question Problems connect a Bosch refrigerator through the router

Apr 27, 2021
Hello everyone. First post.
I have a Bosch fridge KGN56HI30N. I have been trying to connect it to the internet through the app but although the fridge connects to the router it is not able to connect through the app on the phone, I get an error. I searched up the error code and got this:
  • Issue: The credential exchange process failed due to a websocket failure during an ongoing connection.
  • Answer/ First aid solution: Retry pairing and consider the following tips (check after each step, if pairing works, if not, go on with next):
  • 1. Wi-Fi should be password protected so protocol must be set to WPA/WPA2
  • 2. Set open ports 443, 8080 and 123
  • 3. Check if frequency is set to 2.4GHz
  • 4. Reset router
  • 5. Test via Hotspot (Important: Do not use special characters in the phone's name)
I guess I meet all the requirements except for the open ports thing, I don't know whats that about. I have tried connecting through mobile hotspot and it actually works that way,so the issue is within the router. The router is a Huawei HG8245X6, it's a decent router with Wifi 6 capabilities. I have a fiber optics 100mbps connection.

I hope someone can help me fix this issue. Yes I called Bosch and they came to my house but the technician did nothing but trying to connect it the way I did. He then left and they neverreached back. I guess I have to fix this on my own.