Question Problems connecting a standard monitor using a DisplayPort to HDMI cable.


Dec 2, 2015

I have a dual monitor setup, both monitors are pretty basic, 1080p 60hz, they both have hdmi and vga inputs.
I had them connected to my previous computer with a GTX 960 from Gigabyte, they were working 100% fine connected like this:
  • Left monitor: Standard HDMI cable from the monitor's HDMI port to the graphics card's HDMI output.
  • Right monitor: DisplayPort to HDMI cable (the DisplayPort side was connected to the DisplayPort output of the graphics card and the HDMI side to the monitor's HDMI input port).
They were connected like that because the GTX 960 didn't had 2 HDMI outputs, I thought a DP to HDMI cable was better than a DVI to HDMI one (and I think I was wrong by the way).

The problem is I got a new System, it's running an RTX 2060 wich only has 1 HDMI output and 3 other DisplayPort outputs (no DVI or VGA).
I tried connecting the monitors the exact same way on the new system and the monitor connected with the DP to HDMI cable is recognized as "DVI" and sometimes it doesn't have the 1080 resolution as the native one. Also, it randomly disconnects and never reconnects while the PC is running (to get it working I have to shutdown the PC and start it again).

Under the windows device manager is listed as a "non plug and play monitor".

I'm 100% sure the problem is not the cable or the monitor, I started my old PC (the one with the 960) and it works fine, it's detected as a PnP monitor as usual and it's recognized as connected via HDMI.

I'm sorry if my explanation is confusing, I'm spanish and right now I'm pretty frustrated with this.

Thanks in advance.