Question Problems I can face on an Old Laptop?


Sep 8, 2015
Hey Guys,
Sorry if the title is vague, didn't knew what to right.
Soo, here is the problem. My friend has an old Dell Vostro 1550 (2gb variant), it was his old man's, now he wanna use it for college work and college work alone. He's willing to get a 240gb ssd to replace his old hdd and add 4gb ram (his dad already replaced the old 2gb with a 4gb one, there is an empty slot left). Soo all-in-all 240gb SSD and 8gb Ram.

Soo, my question is, if he install windows 10 on THAT system, what problems could he face?
And If win10 is absolutely not possible, even after ssd and ram, should I recommend 8.1 (a few drivers support 8 directly) to him, since 7 has lost support and some software don't support it properly since last few updates.

Dell Vostro 1550

Kindly don't recommend anything else to buy, not possible.


Win 10 Master
well, according to dell, Win 8 might be too much
LinuxMint, Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows 7 Basic will run smoothly on your laptop.
but with an ssd and 8gb you might be okay on win 10, it just won't be super smooth

depends on which variant it is -

modem driver might be a struggle, not sure if its supported still.
other parts might be in win 10 still.

I would look at linux unless you have to have windows. Its much lighter on the hardware.