Question Problems in warranty replacement of a Toshiba HDD

Sep 17, 2020
Less than a year ago I bought a 3Tb Toshiba P300 hard drive.
After less than a year of operation, the operating system at a boot reported me that the disk was damaged.
Reading the SMART data, found errors:

I was able to recover only part of the files on it, but luckily I had a backup of the most important data.

I then activated the hard disk replacement procedure, as the product is still under warranty.
I packed the hard drive carefully as instructed and the drive arrived at its destination.
I was immediately contacted by Toshiba via email stating that they could not replace the product because the controller was damaged.
They sent me this image:

I'm sure my disk didn't have that damage, also because with a similar shock I don't think I would be able to read the smart data later.
I always handled the disk with extreme care (as I do with all the components of my PCs) and it has never suffered any shocks.

I am very irritated about the situation: I have no way to prove that I am not lying and that the damage certainly occurred after the shipment.
Has anything similar happened to anyone else?
I don't think I'll ever buy a Toshiba drive again ...
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Sep 18, 2020
Well... shame on you Toshiba!!
If the drive was packed properly by the customer and the controller was good before he packed it, then Toshiba must return to customer a refurbished hard drive.

I don't think the customer would have been able to view the smart status and even recover the data with the damaged controller, so certainly the problem is due only to a deterioration of the surface according to what the smart reported.
So there is no way that Toshiba can refus to replace the drive, of which it guaranteed that it would not be damaged within the time limit set by the warranty (which according to the user is still in effect).

I have no reason to think the user damaged that connector before shipping it, and I don't want to doubt what it says.
If the drive has always been treated well by the user and the package has arrived intact, how can you explain that the controller is so damaged?
Is it possible that Toshiba has mistakenly exchanged the customer's HDD with someone else's or that some technician in the laboratory has accidentally dropped it by extracting it from the package and has not reported the accident?
If so, then it is obvious that the technician who takes care of the diagnosis phase could think it is the user's fault.
Unfortunately, these are unpleasant events that are almost impossible to prove.
I'm very sorry for that!!
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Jul 3, 2016
Their attitude stinks , considering how strong a hdd casing is i would have asked them how i was supposed to have damaged it !

A few years ago i opened a sealed games case and the disc was cracked , the shop did not want to know so i sent it back to electronic arts , they emailed me and said its not cracked but if i thought the disc was faulty i could buy a new one direct from them . I said no send it back .... it was returned with the none existing crack still visible !
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Sep 17, 2020
Their attitude stinks , considering how strong a hdd casing is i would have asked them how i was supposed to have damaged it !
They sent to me the photo posted in the OP, but I'm sure that mine HDD didn't have that damage!

Yes I know, I'm from Italy and often the Italians are considered as profiteers and a little bit scammers.
I am not like that: I would never have requested a replacement under warranty if the hard disk had fallen and suffered such damage! If I did the damage, I am aware that I am not entitled to any replacement under warranty.

Unfortunately I have no way of proving my honesty, just as I have no way of proving that it was someone from Toshiba who broke my drive or replaced it with another one...
It looks like the damage in the photo should not impact your ability to read the drive.
The connectors still look sound and usable.
Toshiba should return the HDD to you.
You can then verify that the drive in question was truly yours.
If it was yours, then there is no recourse since the damage could have happened before, during or after the shipment.
If the drive was not yours, then you can pursue it with Toshiba.
If you lose a he said/she said situation, there is nothing more you can do except cross off toshiba as a vendor for you.
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