Problems installing OS


Oct 8, 2007
While installing Vista Ultimate 64bit on my new Rampage Formula I got the following information on the screen when it tried to reboot;

free DOS Kernel version 1.1.35w(build 2035w-unstable, nov 30 2005)

Kernel compatibility 7.10 WACOMC fat32 support

Copyright 1995-2005 Pasquale Villani and the free DOS Project
No warranty Licensed under the GNU general public licence version 2

c:DH1, Pri [1], chs=0-1-1-, start =omb size 31Mb

Bad or missing Comand interpreter enter the full shell command line: IP IE:256

Somewhere I read something about this being a problem with SATA Optical drives. Does anyone have any information on this? You can see my hardware in my sig.