Problems on launching a game


Apr 15, 2012
Sorry if I posted in the wrong place but I'm new here. Can any body help me with this problem. When I try to launch BF3 I get this error saying " Failed Creating D3D of at least version 10.0 with driver 296.10. So i cant launch the game. If you need anymore information let me know


Now depending on your power supply (PSU) and your budget. Then we will be able to suggest a card that will work. That card you linked us to will not do the job even on low settings

You need a card that will work with your system and also depending what your resolution you will be playing on then when we have that info we at that point be able to recommend a GPU.

So just for kicks. Lets say your info is up to speed then you should be able to run a AMD/ATI Hd 6770 and that will play BF3 on low settings with some good fps. I still need your PSU info.


With that card you might experience some bottlenecking with your dual core CPU. I know that the GTX550 ti will not experience bottlenecking or the 6770 and just maybe the 6850.

This is one reason I hate dual cores. Just not enough umph to get the job done. So I cannot advise you to get the GTX 560 non Ti one. Because if I do and it does bottelnecks then I would feel real bad.

560 vs 6850

5770 vs 550 There is no difference in the 5770 and 6770 they are both the same.


I am pretty sure that it will fit. I think I was reading about it the other day on the AMD web site. I was talking about the AM3 having one pin less then the AM2 so it should fit.

But yeah make sure that your MOBO can fit a AM3 socket. And if you can great get a quad core. Then you can go with a 560 ti or bigger or the 6950 or bigger. I found where I read this.

It is to a different MOBO. But I will link it anyway. I hope you get good news.


anything over a gtx 260 will bottleneck an amd dual core if its the choped down phenom 2. if its an original x2 like the 6000x2 then it will bottleneck on anything more than a gts250...
both cards are well under your budget and both will allow low settings but your unlikely to get more than 45fps regardless of which you choose due to your low end cpu...