Problems playing Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 Multiplayer.


Jul 11, 2012

My friend told me to go here and ask about this so I did.

So basically I have problems playing Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2. This has stopped me from becoming a competetive player as my CPU basically stops me from doing that.

I have a 1055T and I have MAJOR problems when playing under a 3,5 ghz. I do not want to overclock with a stock cooler but I have to cause otherwise every1 has instant reflexes and my hit detection is pure ***. Like really really really bad..

I am going to get a real good cooler soon. Like very soon, but first I need a fix.

The guns are just not handling as they should and there seems to be a delay..
It seems like it can't keep up with the game itself or something.. It's really hard to explain what is wrong but I need a fix for this.

I know it's CPU related since my frames are fine and my internet is great..

I hope you guys can help me if you know any fixes cause this has gone too far and it's preventing me from playing the games I like.



May 23, 2011
What's your graphics? A 1055t should hardly hold you back, BF3 multiplayer is CPU bound yet uses as many threads as it can, and would love a 6 core CPU. Bad Company 2 also shouldn't be phased by your CPU. Are you playing on decent servers? If the server is crap with high ping then that will cause the problem. Failing that is your network card being annoying? Is anyone else using your internet when you're playing? That might make things laggy at your end.
The issues you state could be a few things. None of which would be your CPU. a 1055T should handle both those games just fine. As blahman11 stated here are a few.

1) low ping or network lag: Make sure you connect to a game with <100ms response. Also, what kind of internet connect do you have? Make sure you aren't causing network contention with download software, etc.

2) Graphics Card: What graphics card do you have? Both of those games rely heavily on your GPU. Any modern dual core or better CPU will run these games, Bad Company more so than BF3. Your graphics settings may be to high for your setup.

3) Background apps: Make sure you aren't running any apps in the background that could be fighing for network or CPU resources.

Those are some things to look at. I'd get Bad Company 2 working first since the requirements are quite a bit lower than BF3.
yep im tempted to dump on your gpu also. the cpu is fine for gaming. and you should get away with 3.0 ghz with no issue so overclocking isnt needed.
most likely your settings are to high for your gpu's perfomance bracket.
on multiplayer you dont play at max settings you will get hadd by every 1 as they play at much lower to get better fps. more fps in bf3 up to 60 means more packet data meaning more updates and less lag.
so turn your gfx settings down. turn turbo mode off on the cpu so it doesn't put 3 cores to sleep (this could cause your game lag)... aim for a minimum of 60 fps... any less than that and you will get killed a lot but hey at least you will look good doing it ;)


Jul 11, 2012
Thanks for the answers..

Well my GPU is a 6950 and I am 100% sure it is not related to my problems.

Here's my internet connection

I could tell you how I noticed this at first... Well basically I did not know about this problem until I started recording. I had never touched my CPU before this.
As you should know this CPU has a turbo mode, basically when recording I played at a 3,3 ghz in turbo mode.. I felt like I was god you know.. That is the only thing I got that is really connected to my CPU...

Do you think it may be my motherboard? I doubt it but eh..

Is there something that gets affected other than frames by the CPU?
I really don't know actually.

To let you know I play everything on low-medium.
Your internet speeds look fine and your video card should handle both of those games. I would think Bad Company 2 could be played maxed out and BF3 on Med-high-ish settings.

You said you record, do you mean record your video while playing? I know some people have had issues with this due to the software they use and it can also chew up hard drive resources. Are you recording to a separate hard drive or your C: drive? I've used FRAPS to record and tried recording at 30FPS. It also dropped my game FPS to 30 as well. I had to make sure I was recording at 60FPS and turn on V-Sync in the game.