Problems Reaching Overclock - AMD RX 580

Sep 5, 2019
I have an AMD RX 580 XFX GTS XXX Edition, and I only have the drivers installed (No wattman or anything) and MSI Afterburner. I have a stable overclock on the Mem at 2250MHz, but when trying to push my core clocks, it doesn't seem to do anything. 9appsI'll set it at 1430MHz, and the most I'm seeing while running the Heaven Benchmark is ~1200MHz, the small portion of 1430MHz was when I was closing the application, for some reason. I have a custom fan-curve set and my max temps were 64c running after 15mins of benchmark.
Is there any kind of setting I'm missing in Afterburner or is this another issue?
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What voltage is being applied at your 1430MHz setting under load? (any monitoring software like GPUz will display this)

I dislike power limit overclocking because you're still tied to the over-conservative auto voltage and therefore run into power limits like you did. I like WattMan because it allows you to see (and change) the voltage that gets applied to each frequency. Here's a guide I put together for WattMan. I can provide voltages for you if desired.
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