May 3, 2009
Hi sory for post in wrong thread but i have a problem. This is my friends pc:
motherboard - Asrock AM2NF3VSTA
Ram - 4 GB 800mhz (4 sticks)
psu - ChiefTEC 550 w
Procesor - AMD +4000 single core 512 L2 2,6Ghz
Video card - Ati Radeon HD3850 (Club 3d)

He has a problem runing on vista 64 (games are laging). When he had xp 32 it was ok, but procesor is kompatible with vista 64 so why it's laging? any ideas? He is using xp profesional now but it is still interisting why on vista 64 it did not workwd properly. Thanks for answers.
Yeah Vista does have more overhead and would really effect the performance of an older single core chip, especially with the 64bit code.. Right before I upgraded to the i7 I was running an intel e6850 @ 3.4GHz, 4GB RAM, 4870 1GB card, etc, etc. And I saw nothing but improvements when going to Vista 64 from Xp 32. Then again I had a very capable system.

I think your friend is stretching the limits of his machine with Vista. Not so much the OS but the games while running Vista. Is he keeping DX10 off? That will do a number on some systems. For some reason I got better frames with DX10 on in Vista with most games, especially FarCry 2.


Apr 28, 2009
I assuming he is trying to play high quality, high resolution games with a single core...and i'm not even sure if that processor is 64-bit compatible. Vista 32-bit will work better in my opinion.

You should look at the game(s) details and lower them to medium...then check frames ^_^