Question Problems Running Both 4k Monitor + 144hz Monitor


Jul 8, 2016
So I have a desktop PC with an AMD R9 390. I have been using it with a 1440p 144hz monitor through displayport for the last year or so. Today I received a 4k monitor that I purchased on amazon (Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q). This is where I first noticed I had a problem.

I connected an hdmi cable to my new 4k monitor because my graphics card only has one displayport which I am using for my other monitor. That's when I realized it was stuck at 30hz. After some googling, I found that my graphics card does not support HDMI 2.0 so I am limited to 30hz through hdmi.

This also means that I cannot use HDMI for my 144hz monitor, since it won't work at 1440p 144hz which is what I want. My main problem is that I am limited because my graphics card only has one displayport.

I was wondering if there are any solutions to this problem such as buying some type of adapter like an MST hub but I saw those have poor reviews on amazon and I'm not sure if my card would work with it. My graphics card also has 2 DVI-D (Dual Link) if that is a possible solution. I'm just trying to set this up so I can use both monitors, 4k 60hz and 2k 144hz.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.