Problems running dual video card


Feb 19, 2009
Hey guys I am hoping somebody can help me out . I just built a new system and I am using a msi k9a2 platinum mobo with amd phenom 9500 quad core 2.20 ghz with ram on a 32 bit vista upgraded to 64 bit vista OS. I am running dual ATI RADEON hd 3850 512 mb video cards and I can not get the second to work on the catalyst control center. I have downloaded and updated the driver multiple times with now success. My bios is in order for dual video cards and the OS sees both cards. When I go to the control center to adjust setting the sencondary card is not seen and when I try to enable it windows disables the card and says the driver is not correct.

I have switched the cards one at a time and they both work, The only problem is getting them to work at the same time. Other than that little issue my pc runs better than anything I could have bought.

Running a lg blueray,hd dvd, cd all in one writer player. 80 sata 10k rpm raptor hd, 1000watt power supply and cooler master case.

Thanks for any help , Kyle