Feb 15, 2022
Hey there, sorry if I'm in the wrong thread but I couldn't exactly find one related to this so this graphics forum is my best bet.
I am streaming Overwatch and I have zero lag on my pc, none. but once I look at my stream on 2 other devices, I see my stream is laggy and I've looked up all the tips and tricks and recalibrations to try and help this but nothing is working. Also I should mention I have internet speeds of 900Mbps down and 30 Mbps up.
my specs are
Mobo: MSI MPG X570
GPU: MSI 3080ti
CPU: Ryzen 9 5900X
RAM: 32gb DDR4 3200
PSU: 1050W Plat

as for streaming, I am on a 4k screen but I have tried it between 4k-1080p base and 720p output
bitrate has been tried between 3k to 6k
Encoder is set to NVIDIA NVHENC H.264 as my only other option is only X264
rate control is CBR
Keyframe interval is set to 2
Downscale filter is Bicubic
FPS is set to 60

I do want to mention as well my GPU is up to date and as is my motherboard and everything else. I'm at a complete loss because I didn't think I'd have this much trouble with these specs.
You have to find nvcontainer.exe in task manager, start a stream and look at wich task uses up resources, and give it a priority of very high or even real-time.
It doesn't use much CPU but still the way windows works it doesn't give it enough shares if the priority is too low.

This of course is only if your network isn't the issue, you have good upload but it might only be theoretical, did you run a speed test to wherever you are streaming to?

Old Molases

May 3, 2021
If you are using OBS, then OBS preview render needs a small amout of GPU power to run. I'm guessing you've got your frames uncapped in OW, so you're maxing out your card. Set a frame limit like 10 fps above your screen refesh rate in OW (it has built in FPS cap option) and your OBS will be running at full fps again