Question Problems trying to set up an HP Z440 workstation ?


Nov 13, 2012
So I recently got an old HP Z440 and all hard drives were completely wiped clean prior to my obtaining it. I also have an HP Z400 and the official HP 3 DVD windows 7 Pro system recovery that states for HP Z400/600/800 workstations. I should also mention system was set to raid mirror 0 with drive status as "rebuildable". I will admit I know next to nothing about RAID and may have stated that completely wrong, but do understand why it is used.

Upon booting I get a "PXE-E61 , media test failure, check cable. I put restore DVD #1 and it starts loading files. Gets to Win 7 and then to HP logo screen. I then get an error msg "failed to change working directory" and I click enter and it goes to the command prompt. I did notice that the mini DVD drive that came with the Z440 works off and on.

Checked sata connections and they seem fine, but DVD drive still only working off and on. Finally decided to put a spare DVD drive in and put in my old official windows 7 professional 64 bit DVD. This time it goes further, but then an error msg stating that media device drivers not found. I have never been in this specific situation before, and cannot recall having to ever load drivers for the DVD drive. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, should I eliminate RAID? It looks like it currently has 3 2TB sata HDD's from what I can tell, and I plan to use only as a desktop. Thank you.
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