Problems With asus p5b


Mar 30, 2007
The problem i have is that the seagate 200 gb sata drive is not totally recognized. the bios reads it as 181 gb, but with a fresh install of xp it shows it to be 131 gb and will give me 127 gb after it is done. I have installed the driver after the f6 and i have tried everything in the bois to change it. i even tried puting it on another computer to format it to the correct size. the other computer can see it's size. because it is not formatted i can't do anything to it. If anyone can help i would appreciate it.


Apr 1, 2007
Be sure and default the BIOS and save and exit and immediately reboot. If the problem persists update to the latest non BETA BIOS ver. 1004.
What service pack of XP do you have? 127GB is the limit XP can see without service pack 2. Google slipstream XP and make an install disc with service pack 2 included and reinstall.

You can also try installing service pack 2 after you have XP up and running, but I don't know if that will give you your missing HDD space after the fact.