Problems with burning Dvd Dual Layer disks


Feb 27, 2012
Is there anyone who has problems burning / writing DVD DUAL layers? Do they get stuck while playback ?

I have been trying to write dvd DL from last 2 - 3 years with no luck. The problem i always run into is the DVD disk gets stuck while playing on a DVD player. i have tried 3 different writers ( LG, SONY and Samsung), Different disks ( memorex, tdk and Kodak) and different players (Panasonic, Philips, Computer DVD drives) to play the disks, but these disks always get stuck while playback. i have even changed the bit rate settings. i have tried Encore, Nero and Sony's RecordNow, but i always run into this problem.

i never have any problem with single layer DVD disks. Has anyone ever face any problem with dvd DLs ? is there any solution for the problem i am having?

your answer will be appreciated !