Question Problems with Computer :(


May 31, 2013
Hello everyone :D
Grab a seat cause it might be a long one

I hope that this is the right section for this post but as the title says I came across some problems this morning with my computer and I could use some help.

So after a normal day of gaming yesterday I tried to open my computer today but it wouldn't turn on.The CPU fan would twitch but not turn on.
This had happened before.Couple of years back it did the same thing and a friend of mine suggested that I change the ram slots I used.I did that and the computer worked fine.
So we thought that maybe the PSU had damaged the ram slots on the motherboard because it was a pretty crappy PSU and the electricity on my area is not quit stable,lots of
ups and downs on the voltage.After that I changed the PSU,got a better one.

Naturally I thought the same today this time,only now I didn't have a third pair of ram slots.I started to move around the rams they had the problem.
I took a stick off and the fans started fine but no boot and the computer restarted only to do it again.Changed the slot (same ram stick) and had twitching fan again.
The second ram stick now on the same slot as the first,computer started and booted fine,great (so I thought...), tried the ram stick on the other slot and got twitching fan once again.
I thought that maybe both the ram and the slots were damaged so I went to the "working" combination of ram stick and slot to find that it didn't work this time,turned on,no boot and restart
to do it again.
By the way,to clarify,I used the second pair of ram slots the whole time thinking that the other pair was damaged.
I tried it all again later and couldn't get the computer to turn on and boot.

I took a break after that and I tried again some hours later with one stick of ram on the slot that worked before and everything worked, so I stopped messing with it.
The problem is that now I noticed that the fans of the GPU spined every 5 seconds or so ,which it didn't do ever before.It works thought because my monitor is plugged on the
GPU and I was using it before I noticed the fans , but I don't want to push my luck and risk damaging it because its also somewhat new.

I thought to open the game I was playing (AC Odyssey) to see if I can play with only 4GB ram and to see if the GPU is working ok and had the task manager on my second
monitor to watch everything.My Graphics hit 100% at times on the loading screen and the game was unplayable which I thought is because of the ram being half as it was before
but now I'm not sure about that.At the system window it also shows me a yellow exclamation mark on "Device Performance&Health"...this is new as well.

After some googling and searching around most people say that twitching fans point to PSU , but moving the ram around kinda worked, could the slots on the motherboard be the reason? and some say that maybe is the graphics card that causes some problems...At this point I don't know what the problem or problems are so I thought to ask here.

PSU? Motherboard? Graphics Card? Ram? Not sure anymore, any help is appreciated greatly.

I have to apologize for the long post, I'm not even sure if this is the right place for this kind of question :(

Anyway,components are : MSI B85-G43
Intel Core i5-4430
Used to be 8GB (2*4GB) Ballistix RAM
In case they are needed


Apr 30, 2019
5 years is quite old, even though my one's 8 years old but it can be a motherboard problem, I am not sure what problem it can be but have you updated your bios?


May 31, 2013
5 years is quite old, even though my one's 8 years old but it can be a motherboard problem, I am not sure what problem it can be but have you updated your bios?
Yes I have
Today I'm playing with it some more and the pc starts fine with any of the rams in one slot,if I plug anything on the other it doesn't boot. Which probably indicates that ram isn't recognised but both sticks work.
It's the slot that is faulty and I don't know if it can be fixed