Question Problems with Connecting Corsair Void Pro Headset

Nov 3, 2019
Good morning.

After spending a pleasant weekend building my new gaming PC whilst avoiding rugrats and less-than-sympathetic wives I thought I had summited the peak of my Everest...

That is until I plugged in my new gaming headset and then spent 3 mind-melting hours trying to het them to work...(this should be the easy bit right?)

I note there are common issues online which I have looked into but I am starting to lose my mind a tiny bit!

I now have an i7-9700k on a Gigabyte Auros Pro Wifi z390 with Windows 10 Home installed. This is all clean new and fresh.

The motherboard I think has Realtek onboard sound (?) so I downloaded the drivers from the disc that came with mobo and the issues are as follows:-

  1. The headset has a 'blue' ended 3.5mm jack and a splitter (red and green - presumably M&F 3.5s).
  2. When I plug the headset in windows either in as a Line out with Jack I get sound.
  3. When the headset is plugged in it is NOT detected as a headset - it asks me if I'm connecting a microphone or a speaker? these ar emy only choices.
  4. So even when I go to device manager there is NOTHING THERE apart from 'speakers' or the monitor.
  5. So using the splitter; I plug in red to line out(right?) and green into Mic slot. Nothing.
  6. So I plug blue single jack into mic - that gets the mic working which is great, but no sound.
  7. Occasionally there is no sound anyway despite the above 4 / 5/6.
  8. The motherboard claims to have front jacks for headphone and mic - but I have an old box and I have no idea which connectors go where - as they don't match the names in the mobo handbook. Also, I feel this is a red herring anyway because the rear line in / out / mic should work and did with my old headset that I plugged a couple of days ago.
So rather than just freaking out I did a bit of research, tried to update my windows drivers and downloaded the Realtek drivers (which also gave me a copy of Realtek's audio suite thing with a gigabyte logo).

I think my drivers are up to date to May 2019. Still, the same issue persists.

I also noted the 'recommended' windows drivers which it said were appropriate were 2017. Hmm.

I thought the new realtek ones were the answer as it appeared to detect a mic and 'speakers' in the little window set up but I have the issue that it will only allow one or the other device but only as speakers, audio device or mic. It seems like they cant work concurrently.

What I now seem to have is a monitor speaker, a "Realtek Audio Device?" and another obsure generic "Realtek speakers".

So my question to the gurus out there is....

HTF can I get my brand new headset to work without me burning my new PC down tot he ground in a fit of rage?

Should I just do a resintall and start again?

Should I get a usb adapter (which I avoided due to below)?

Should I just take them back....uggh

PS - for context In have already taken back TWO corsair void pro usb headsets that 1, didn't have a mic attached in box and then 2, didn't have usb connector in box (seriously....maybe a hint on corsair?)

Your help will be very much appreciated by my family. :)
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Nov 3, 2019
I should also add that I am not completely new to building PCs this is the first time ive had an audio problem in probably 20 years or more of building them!