Question Problems with Dell Inspiron 5758

Apr 23, 2021
I bought my Dell Inspiron 5758 about 5 years ago, and it has been having some problems for the past 6 months:
  1. The mouse is still active, but I can't click other browsers/windows/tabs/apps. Worse, sometimes nothing happens when I click on the viewed page. I have to press CTRL ALT DEL to terminate an unresponsive request. I either click "Cancel" or "Task Manager" after that to fully control the rest of the icons on the desktop.
  2. My computer often loses WiFi connection at home, and I have to turn on and off the WiFi slide button under "Network Internet Settings." If this process fails, then I have to restart my computer.
  3. I can click or activate the object using the touch screen feature but when I try to enter characters inside the input textbox, I can't enter any of them from the keyboard.
The OS for this computer is Windows 10 Home and I wonder if the upgraded version of the OS has caused the problems above. I also would like to replace the current hard drive with Solid State Hard Drive. Any advises are appreciated.