Question Problems with Disk Usage playing games (?)

Aug 18, 2019
Hey guys,
Recently i have bought a SSD to my Laptop- WD Blue sn500, and he's very good so far, boots in 7 seconds and running the windows is insanely fast.
I have all the system on my SSD, including the games, and so after this update i have been experiencing a really bad performance playing games, mainly fortenite, The fps look the same as before with the HDD, but the games don't run smooth as before, there is a bunch of sttutering, but the framerate is always constant 0.o.
I have done all that things to optimize PC & nvidia settings & all drivers are updated ( nvidia and Intel) Pc energy on max performance (....)
So i have noticed on the Task manager that while playing fortenite t the Disk usage is always at 0% at the SSD and HDD, and before i have implemented the SSD i had that problem of having 100% disk usage on HDD.
Also the CPU sticks at 90/100% while the GPU at 50% and that can be the problem too.
The others values look like this:
CPU 90/100%
Memory 50%.
Intel HD graphics- 40%/30%.
GPU- 50%
I would really appreciate if someone can help a brother out there :unsure: really don't know what to do to fix this up
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Jun 13, 2019
Okay, well having the HDD sit at 0% isnt a big deal, its not being using while you're playing fortnite.
Your stuttering could be coming from your CPU. If your CPU is at 100% while your GPU is at 50%, that implies that you CPU is bottlenecking your GPU.

But it ran smoother before? Make sure you're running the game in fullscreen and check if you have Vsync enabled. Check your game settings, play around with those to see if the game gets smoother.
Aug 18, 2019
Yeah it was running nice before i have implemented the SSD and reinstalled Windows, it's weird, already tryed almost anything that i saw from youtube videos and still this CPU running at 100%
Vsync is disable i can try with it on but doesn't it give input lag? and also locks the fps to 60