Question Problems with display on HP Pavilion 590-p0044

Sep 21, 2019
Concerning a HP Pavilion 590-p0044 being used with Dell IN1920

Helping out my neighbor with his new PC, randomly the monitor will not display anything from the PC on start-up. I go over there and help him out, and I've "fixed" it many times. I reset the monitor to factory default, and then turn the PC on and off multiple times, the display is working fine. However, it seems that by the next day, the problem has come back. Before, he was getting an error message about the timing and the resolutions not matching, but the computer is working with 1366x768 at 60 Hz, which is the native resolution of the monitor.

Any thoughts as to how this problem can be resolved? I was over there yesterday and played around with the brightness of the screen a bit (also, pressing f8 when it's starting up seems to help it along), and so far I haven't heard back from him. Still looking for the definitive cause and solution though, if anyone can help out.

Thanks in advance.