Question Problems with Ethernet connection out of nowhere

Aug 20, 2021
I moved into my schools dormitory, and as I set up my computer I realized the computer wasn’t detecting the Ethernet plug. I double checked and made sure it was plugged in. Still didn’t work,

steps I’ve done to try to fix it:

  • try a new cable
  • reinstall drivers
-reset cmos
-Half duplex setting
-reset network settings

My roomates pc works fine, so I think it’s just because of my computer.

the computer wasn’t transported roughly and was treated gently. I have no idea why it would just decide to stop working.

anyone have any ideas on what I should do?
Try plugging your system into a switch or router that has lights so you can see if it connects there. If it doesn't work there, then seems like the nic might have failed.

Another thing you can try is to boot a linux live cd in case something got hosed in windows.