Question Problems with EVGA 1070 Ti ?

Nov 16, 2021
Hey everyone,
I recently ran into a problem of which i am trying to figure out the cause.
My GPU evga 1070 ti (more than 3 yrs old, never had any issues in past) all of a sudden stopped showing display and one fan stopped working while the other fan went crazy and started running at full speed very loudly, Also lost power to the LED (on the edge where the model name lights up).

What I've tried:

  • Removed GPU and air-blowed from all sides to get rid of any dust
  • Removed the PCIe wires from the PSU so it only takes power from the mobo pci slot (still same issue of one fan running at full speed and no display)
  • Changed the PCI slot and still same problem
  • Changed multiple HDMI , nothing worked
  • Changed my bios setting , that didnt do anything
My warranty expired 2 months ago.

The fan is still running so i am guessing the graphic card isnt totally dead but is there anything I can do to fix this by myself?
Is it repairable ?

Is the problem with graphics card or could it be motherboard or faulty power supply?

Could there be any issue with drivers ?

Or should i invest in a new graphic card but before that i want to make sure that there are no issues with my motherboard or power supply so i dont run into same with a new gpu.
I dont have any other computer to test it out so if i am going to get it repaired, i want to know what the problem is first to explain him better.

Thank you for your time and appreciate all the help.