Question Problems with FPS in league of legends

Sep 10, 2020
Hello. This is my first thread here so excuse me if I post in wrong section or something.
I ve had a laptop for 3 years with an intel processor Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz and a GPU NVIDIA 960M.
Recently I ve started to have problems in league of legends, FPS is at 90-100 but goes under 60 in teamfights (when a lot is happening on the screen). I ve always ran the game at max settings. The problem is things dont get better when I put the setting all the way down to verry low. I get 90-100 fps and drops under 60 in teamfights.
I checked the temeperature of the laptop and I usually get like 80 degrees celcius,which is on the high side,but considering it s a laptop not that high from what I read online.
Here is a list of things I have tried to solve the issue:
Reinstall Windows
Reinstall League
Reinstall Intel and NVDIA drivers
Opened the laptop to clear the dust(wasnt much) but I didnt apply thermal paste
Disabled full screen optimization
Run league as administrator
Close all other programs when I play it
Made a clean boot for the computer
Updated bios
Made sure all drivers are up to date
And I probably tried a few things more.
I would really apreciate your help,I really can t find the problem.
I know my laptop isnt exactly a powerfull machine but I don t think it should have problems with league of legends like it does.
Thank you for your time!


Mar 10, 2019
The computer shouldn't have any problems, but those are outdated components. For a game like league, it really doesn't matter what FPS you get as long as it's above ~30-60. If your laptop is that old, it most likely has a 60hz display, which means you won't see a difference above 60fps.
Sep 10, 2020
Yes my display is 60hz. And it s true that I dont feeel difference between 90 fps and 70 fps. But like I said the problem is when it gets under 60 fps,to 40-50 for a few seconds and it s verry noticable. I tried vsync on,capping to 60 but I get fps drops even then.