Problems with FX5600XT


Jan 29, 2004
Well i have problems with my new FX 5600XT. My pc reboots, when i try to play some 3D game ( i.e. warcraft 3 ). It reboots ONLY in 3D apps. I start w3, then load some replay and very soon after that it freezes. I've tried to change clocks, but it's not overheating that causes these freezes. I had like 4 cards before, gf2 pro 64mb, gf2mx440, gf fx5200 and gf ti4200. All worked perfectly. I had a ti4200 but it died somehow, so i got a new one - fx5600xt. My pc specs : tbird 1400, 512mb PC2100, abit kx7-333 m/b, sb live 5.1, 350w PSU, network card, maxtor 30gb hdd. Any suggestions ? em also, i tested different drivers, nothing's changed. now i use 53.03 and dx9.0b.