Aug 21, 2022
Hello i‘m new here :) i have a bit of a problem i have two gpus one is a zotac gtx 780 3gb amp edition, and the other one is a msi twinforze r9 280 3gb
The gtx card i dont know what the problem is so i tell you guys when i try to boot my pc up it shows the post screen and i can get into the bios and all that stuff but when i try to load windows 10 all i can do is enter my password and then the screen goes black i also switched from hdmi do dvi but still the same problem i also done a bios flash and yet still not working and also sometimes its letting me in windows but when i go to device manager it doesn’t recognize the gpu only windows basic adapter

the r9 280 is working but when i try to load the driver i also get a black screen i also did a bios flash oh and forget to say it has 2 red strips on my screen

thanks for your help