Question Problems with HDD (Seagate SkyHawk 1TB Surveillance)

Jan 16, 2023
6 years ago when I made my PC I bought this HDD, but I'm starting to notice that some data starts to corrupt, sometimes accessing the HDD is way slower than usual and similar things. I want to put as a disclaimer that I already bought a new HDD, even if things like "wmic diskdrive get status", chkdsk and CrystalDiskInfo show that nothing is wrong. I want to just see if the HDD actually has a problem or if I fooled myself (and if I could fix the problem, if there is) Last I want to say sorry if somewhere I said some bulls**t, I don't know much about HDDs (storages in general).

CrystalDiskInfo data, btw I have no idea how S.M.A.R.T. works and I wanna ask if this data is normal for the hdd
Your drive has 2 seek errors and 7 command timeouts, but otherwise the SMART attributes look OK. However, that's not always conclusive.

I would backup your data and scan the drive's surface with HDDScan or Victoria for Windows. Look for "slow" sectors, ie those that require read retries.