Problems with my new graphics card! Please Help!


Okay, so today I just got in the mail my BFG GTX 260 896 OC Maxcore 55 graphics card from Newegg. I previously had some random ATI Radeon that was "acceptable", and so I go to switch it out with the 260 and install the drivers (also uninstalling the ATI driver/utility). After all of that was said and done, I went to play a game to see how it looks and it's amazing...for the first 20 seconds. It began to have a HUGE FPS lag and went down to about 3 FPS from 80-100. After a few seconds (5-10), it'll go back up to the smooth frame rate. And it keeps doing this every 10-15 seconds.

I tried playing every game that I have (COD 4/WaW, Dead Space, Oblivion, Farcry 2, GRAW 2, Fable and a few others) and it happens with all of them. I've installed the newest drivers for the card (straight from Nvidia), obtained some driver cleaning software and used it (just in case the ATI was still around), scanned for viruses, even increased my page file size and still no different results. I've also tried taking the settings down from max to medium and even low, and it still happens.

The card floats at 40 celsius idle and 50 celsius when the games are running. I have no lag surfing the web or watcing a movie, etc...just when I "push" the card.

I'd really like to get this up and running 100% and if anybody could tell me some potential fixes that would be amazing!

Please help me!!!!!


BFG GTX 260 OC Maxcore 55
XFX 750i 2-way SLI mobo
Intel e8400 @ 3.0 GHz
2x2 GB OCZ DDR2 RAM (only getting 3GB with XP Pro 32 bit)
OCZ 850w PSU
500 GB Western Digital HD @ 7200 RPM
NZXT mid size tower
Logitech 5.1 speakers
22" wide screen HP @ 1680x1050
1TB WD External via USB


Dec 3, 2008
Sounds like a temp issue, only thing i can think of... get OCCT and run the test and monitor your temp... see if it goes sky high or you get errors

good luck


Distinguished I just figured out the problem and I feel like a total idiot.

Well, last week I was cleaning the inside of my computer and was tending to the CPU and apparently forgot to plug in the CPU fan back into the mobo. :na: :na: :na: :na: :na: :na: :na: :na: :na: :na:

Yeah, laugh it up.

So yeah, sounds like you're johnny on the spot. Lol. Good call.


Yeah, luckily my ATI card had a faulty fan on it and so I wasn't really doing anything extensive with the system for the duration of the time that the fan wasn't running. Close call...*wipes sweat off forehead*