Question Problems with my Shure SM7B

Oct 8, 2019
Hi guys, i got some weird problems with my new Shure SM7B. First of all, i am running the microphone with a Triton Fethead and Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen. Up untill yesterday it was working fine.
So yesterday my teammates in discord was complaining about my low quality sound and low volume, this was not happening all the time but in periods. Also at 3 different occasions my microphone started to sound like a "stormcloud" is what my viewers said.
Today when trying to figure out what is wrong i thought i'd test Voicemeeter Banana aswell, however the sound from my microphone in that program was extremely bad, soooo much hissnoise and what not, but only when i talked, nothing when being quiet. I also started OBS (the streaming software) and started to listen to my microphone through there and noticed that the hiss sound ONLY comes when IM touching the desk. So if i sit still and dont touch it, there is no sound at all. If i put my finger GENTLY on the desk, i get alot of hiss noises.

Does ANYone have a clue what is going on?
I can also add that the microphone is not even 1month old and the Fethead and scarlett solo is about 1½ week old. And it worked up untill yesterday.