Problems with new PC....


Oct 7, 2013
Hey guy's finally got my new PC and have been having a few problems with setup and a few other things. Doesn't help that I'm a complete noob after being outta the game for so long, but am doing my best to speed up my learning curve. I'll try and keep these questions as short and to the point as possible, and thanks in advance for the input...

- Since I set the PC up I've been having problems with the internet. Constantly saying websites can't be found ect...Usually use Chrome but is also doing it using IE. It's really weird like some pages would open on one, but not the other and vice versa. I know it's connected because at times I was downloading games, and my iphone was connected wirelessly. If I take the router out though and connect the PC straight to the modem it has been working flawlessly. Before the PC got here I had a Win7 laptop connected and it was fine. This only started since I connected the Win8.1 PC.

- I have 2 Gigabyte GTX780's and have 2 Benq 120hz monitors (2720t/2420t) and would use one for both PC duty, and console gaming. How I have it connected now is the 27" by duel link dvi-d to GFX1 as the Primary display @ 1080p/120hz. I'm using it as my PC gaming display/main desktop screen, and the 24" using hdmi to GFX1hdmi as a secondary 1080p/60hz. This monitor is also gonna be for console gaming and have a hdmi switcher on input 2 for two consoles. I noticed in my Device manager the 27" isn't showing by name but as a HID display, and is using a much older driver then the 24", which is actually showing as the proper Benq display. Do I have this setup correctly, or is this a better way to do this?

- In my sli settings it says "sli enabled" but for my physX settings it's set to auto but says it's using my second 780. Is that how it should be, and should I disable my on-board video?

- When overclocking my cpu should I run my 1866 ram down to 1600 to find a stable point before I ramp it back up? I used to be heavy into overclocking way back in the ole AMD t-bird days, but things have gotten quite a bit more complicated since then. I'd like to get my system to at least 4.2-4.4 24/7 stable.
Gigabyte UD3H
Corsair Ven Pro 16gb 2x8 1866
Corsair H110
Corsair hx850psu....etc

- Seems like my boot times haven't been as quick as I think they should like 20secs +...I have my OS on a Plextor 128gb ssd, my games on a 256gb ssd, and a 3tb black for my storage.

That is all I can think of at the moment but once again I apologize for the jummbled mess, and thanks for the read.