Problems with nvidia 280.26


Jan 4, 2011
Hey, On my Gtx 570 after updating to 280.26 there is pixelation in videos and where to shades of the same colour meet I dont know how to fix this can anyone help?


Sep 9, 2011
I couldn't run half my games with the 280.26 driver and SLI GTX 580s and I had to roll back to the 270 driver. I've been looking for threads to see who else is having issues with this driver in particular.
for those that have issues with the latest driver i think it is better to look up your solution directly from nvidia forum. maybe you can get your solution there:

i heard issues about the drivers and to be honest i'm a bit hesitant to update the driver at first. right now i'm using the latest driver and so far all the games i played worked as intended. the only problem i have right now is stuttering issue in DEHR but i believe it might not related to the graphic driver since the issue is already acknowledge as a known issue of the game for the pc version regardless what card you have in your system
already did that but still no luck for me. first play the game with 275.50 driver and then update my driver to the latest one to see any difference. but the stuttering are still there. so far no crash or error. only the stutter make the gameplay choppy especially when moving around in the city hubs.
try a different game or graphics benchmark to see if its only a problem on that particular game--unigine heaven is a good benchmark--though i had absolutely no problems with deus ex hr other people are reporting issues on pc
other games are fine. only DEHR have stutter issue. i believe this problem is not driver related. if you look up at eidos DEHR forum even people with good processor and gpu (like 2500k paired with GTX580) having this issue. btw this is already off from the original topic of this thread so i think i will leave my problem as it is right now :na:

@OP: you can look at the link i give you in my post above. those are feedback thread for the 280.26.