Question Problems with overclocking my ASUS monitor

Jun 14, 2020
So I have the asus pb277q (im pretty sure) and it runs at 2560x1440p native at 75hz. I assumed this would be open to overclocking even by a few hz. I would even be prepared to lower the resolution and raise the refresh rate as I would assume it could do that as its a similar amount of information being sent no? However even if I overclock by 1hz up to 76 I get a "out of range" error on the screen. This also happens if I try 720p at 76hz. I amj using a displayport cable. I am guessing this is just a limitation put on it by asus so is there any way to get around this as Im sure ive seen it done before or is there a different problem entirely? Thanks in advance
I also have a second 1080p 60hz monitor if that changes anything


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