Problems with P7P55D LE


Dec 5, 2011
I have:

ASUS P7P55D LE motherboard

Intel I7-8707 LGA 1156 CPU

x1 Corsair ddr3 4 gb xms3

corair cx600 (600 watt) power supply unit

Ge Force PNY 8400 gs 512 mb

Seagate 3.5 SATA 250 GB hard drive

Noctua NH-D14 fan

After I hook everything up I can't seem to get this build to display anything, the monitor just stays on standby and doesn't react to the computer coming on. I checked the CPU including the pins on the motherboard. I checked the ram and it is compatible with the motherboard. I tried to push the memory OK button but there is no response. Can't seem to figure out what is going wrong here as everything is in place and installed securely.