Question Problems with Power on a Dell Precision T3500

Dec 8, 2019

A few days ago i bought a defective Dell Precision T3500. The seller said that the PC has a defective powersupply or for the guys that know the Dell Workstations very well a PB10 Error. I have disassembled the whole system to replace the whole powersupply with a 500 Watt 80 Plus gold one from Lenovo. After closer inspection i noticed that there is moisture in the case. Since i am a person that is very careful regarding things like these, i found out that one pin of the 24 Pin ATX connectors was blown, possibly short circuit thorugh that moisture. We tried to fix the Mainboard by removing every single bit of that burnt crust that was inside the area of the blown pin and fill up the the with soldering iron. We made sure that no solder touches the other pins. After we made sure that the moisture vaporized (I put those on the heater, turned to the highest level for 24hrs) the parts that you can‘t disassemble, we put back everything together and tried turning it on again but we still get the same error. Since i need a workstation ASAP and as cheap as possible i would like know if there is anyway to fix that thing. Would appreciate every answer!

I will upload a picture of the blown area when i find a picture

EDIT: My grandpa told me that we replaced the inside of the pin too, with a copper wire, since the other one was not existent.
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