Question Problems with PS4 not recognizing Seagate Game Drive


May 25, 2020
Looking for some insight in dealing with a Seagate 4tb PS4 Game Drive. The drive had been working fine up until a week ago, and now the PS4 system won't recognize the external storage.

When I hook it up to my PC, a few interesting things happen. First, it dings when I plug it in, and "Game Drive" shows up under my devices. However, the drive does not show up under This PC, nor does it appear in disk management. When I try to open SeaTools, the program crashes when it reaches the USB drive scan. Also, I can neither eject the drive via the system tray (process just spins) or uninstall the drive in device manager.

One time when I plugged drive in to PC, there was a double-dinging, different from the usual. Thinking I had fixed the issue, I went and plugged it in to the PS4, where it was recognized. However, I could not view any of the saved data, and when I tried restarting the PS4, it lost the connection with the Game Drive and now I can't get them to reconnect.

So, do I have a bum HDD that I just need to replace, or is there something else going on that I'm missing. I was about ready to throw in the towel when the random reconnect happened.