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Problems with "random" gaming crashes


Aug 6, 2012
Hello all,

Thank you in advance for reading this long post! I appreciate it!

I have been searching the internet for over a week now and just when I might have found a forum in which a question similar enough to mine has been asked, it never gets answered, so I hope by asking it here specific to my system I could have some luck :)

I recently built my gaming computer and everything about it is great, except for one issue. When I am playing what I would call system intensive games (so far DayZ and GuildWars 2), at some point the system will crash. I play them on ultra settings with everything except for AA on.

It could be an hour in, it could be 5 hours in; it honestly feels very random. The crash is as follows: Monitor goes black and a message displays saying "no signal input", the sound goes all weird (if using a headset, otherwise no sound since it would go through HDMI cable onto signal-less monitor). Then I have to force restart computer holding down power button. Upon restart it shows the "Windows didn't shut down correctly, chose safe mode or start normally" window. Once I click restart normally, everythnig is fine and back to normal until next intense gaming session.

I have changed HDMI cables, I have changed PSU (I will get to this in a minute). Catalyst Drivers are up to date (12.8) and even in Saphire Trixx it reads the drivers as 12.8, so it reassures me that they are installed correctly. I have reseated the GPU just in case. No dirt, a lot of airflow (modular PSU and cables tucked behind towards the back plate of case).

This is my build:

CPU: i5-2500k OC'd to 4.5
CPU Fan: Cooler Master 212 EVO
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 2GB GHz OC Edition
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8 GB (4x2) 1600
CASE: Corsair 500R MMid Tower
PSU: 850W Bronze Plus Thermaltake ***(Had Corsair TX 650W Bronze Plus but switched it to 850 as a recommendation from the Master guy at Geek Squad computer center)
Optic Drive: a Sony drive, nothing fancy.
Monitor: a 19'' Samsung HDTV (resolution set to 1360x768 to see if bringing it down might help, it didn't) --> since it is a TV system uses generic drivers)

I have logged GPU-Z and the temps do not go above 60 when the game crashes. I attempted to log HWMonitor using the Pro Trial but even though I hit the "Start Recording" I have no idea where it saved to since the file it left behind does not seem to have system information in it.

Since it was not the PSU (and the PSU is single rail so that's a good thing right?), I have come to think the following:

*I have the OC'd version of the GPU, so maybe it is unstable? Does not seem likely since GPU-Z readings do not seem weird (I can re-do a log and after it crashes post that one on here just to double check)
*GPU drivers, but two different programs read them as the correct Catalyst Drivers (12.8)... unless the older drivers are still messing with the system?
*My 8 GB of RAM are not working too well, but the BIOS reads 8000+ MB RAM (something like 8,056)... with voltage at 1.5. Have memTest installed in case I should run more tests.
*The CPU might be pushed during intense gaming sessions, but wouldn't the screen go blue instead of the monitor just lose signal?
*The HDTV is just no good for gaming, and at a 60Hz refresh rate maybe something happens where the generic drivers just don't function at some point and the computer cannot identify the monitor, but it should come back when i turn the monitor off and then on?

I am very confused, the Geek Squad man seemed very confident when he said it was the PSU, but now I am stumped.

I genuinely appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance,


Aug 6, 2012
After a couple of hours of playing, the computer crashed again last night. I was logging core temp, gpu-z and hwmonitor pro trial hopefully i can get those in here later today... i hope it will help whoever might have an answer

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